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Sokanu Wants to Help You Find Your Dream Job


Spencer Thompson is just 21 years old, but his new website is already being called a potential for careers. With a database of 500 jobs and endless stats on what makes people happy in specific jobs, Sokanu (pronounced “so can you”) promises to match users with their ideal gig.

The site works via survey. After creating a profile — which is easy, thanks to integration with Facebook — users answer a series of questions. They’re the “complete this sentence” multiple choice type favored by most career-oriented personality tests, and you can see the database narrow down after you answer the first six questions.

The service then analyzes your answers and matches you with potential careers. For me, at least, the results were spooky. My top five careers — after a brief but hilarious early flirtation with Naval Architect and Statistician — were Editor, Journalist, Correspondent, News Anchor, and Television Writer.

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At the end of the survey, you can explore careers, learn more about your personality, or re-answer questions in a different way. It then saves your profile for future reference, allowing you to enter your aspirations and current and past careers.

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