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What Makes Workers Happy? Optimizing Your Office Space [infographic]


Keeping workers happy is the key to productivity. There are lots of tips and ideas as to how make employees happy, but here’s one of the simpler ones: Design the office environment in a way that makes employees feel at ease.

We’ve heard of feng shui for the home, but apparently this is also true for the office. An astounding nine out of 10 workers say that their office environment impacts their happiness and productivity. After all, most U.S. workers spend nearly 11 hours per day at work, so why wouldn’t they want an environment they can feel at home in? What’s perhaps even more surprising is that nearly half of all workers would put in extra hours if they felt more comfortable in their environment.

So what makes an office environment pleasant? Natural light, an efficient use of space, ergonomic workstations, zoned temperature controls, optimized acoustics, and a mix of open and closed work spaces make any office environment more appealing. If you’re wondering what colors to use, you have lots of options. Red and orange stimulate the senses, while blue and green promote relaxation.

Check out the infographic below for more revelations on office environments and employee happiness.

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