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How to Clean up Your Online Appearance


You’d never dream of going to a job interview unshowered, with pillow creases on your face. But while most of us attend to our physical appearance prior to interviewing, we sometimes neglect to give the same care to our online selves. And after all, when it comes to landing an interview in the first place, online is more important.


Lifehacker offers a three-step program for making sure that your internet presence is in good order before you begin a job search.

1. Google yourself. Everyone has done a vanity search before, but the really important thing is to do it without being signed into Google. That way, you get to see yourself as others see you, not as you see yourself through personalized results. Don’t forget to check Facebook, too. You can log out and log back in as “public” to find out how much of your profile you’re revealing to the world.

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2. Improve your online presence. Lifehacker suggests both beefing up your existing profiles and investing in a nameplate site to host your portfolio, resume, and email.

3. Don’t screw it up. Once you’ve pruned your online image, don’t let the grass grow over it again. Ask yourself, each time you post something, if this is something you want future employers to see.

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