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Expanded Data Set for Salary Reporting, the back end, and More – Ravenna Release


Another 3 weeks have passed, and we've got some hot new code to serve up! This release required quite a bit of behind the scenes work: backend improvements, code for future features and bugs.

Backend Improvements

We've doubled the amount of data that goes into each report in the Research Center for Employers. I won't talk exactly about what we're doing, because (a) it's complicated, and (b) it's proprietary. But, we can use more data points when we're doing the number crunching for each employer. The only way this will manifest itself to you, our users, is by showing you more salary data for more jobs for more employers.

We've also done work to better understand synonyms for companies and jobs. Now, when you type "CVS" into our search we'll know you mean "CVS Caremark Corporation." We're just starting down this path, so look forward to continued improvements in the future.

Inc. 5000

We pulled in the rankings from the Inc. 5000, and now when you view a page for a company that was included on the list,  you can see where they rank. Here is an example for a local Seattle company: Edifecs Salaries.

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Coming Up

We've got a new feature coming out in the next release. It's not ready yet, but we made quite a few preparations in this release. Stay tuned.

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