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Dev Bootcamp is a Tech Training Program That Focuses on Employability First


The action-packed Dev Bootcamp turns programming neophytes into strong, entry-level software engineers in a matter of nine weeks. The program’s focus on employability has led to a surprising statistic: 90 percent of its graduates find tech jobs within three months after graduation.

The structure at Dev Bootcamp isn’t unlike a real-life work environment. Code reviews, pair programming, check-ins, one-on-ones and stand-ups are all part of the daily routine for students. “We’re creating the type of culture that pushes people to stretch who they are — in a way that prepares them to work on an engineering team and hold their own,” said co-founder Shereef Bishay to TechCrunch.

The program’s graduation ceremonies are even tailored toward getting employment due to a ritual called Hiring Day. Each graduate gets his or her own station, according to TechCrunch, and a series of employers rotate from station to station, spending about five minutes with each candidate. There’s at least one person on the Dev Bootcamp team whose sole focus is finding graduates jobs. These initiatives make Dev Bootcamp more like an agency than a school.

Do you think more programs should follow Dev Bootcamp’s lead and focus on employability rather than a classic education?

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