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You Waste a Lot of Time at Work [infographic]


Just because you’re sitting at your desk doesn’t mean you’re necessarily getting anything accomplished. With the amount of emails, meetings and other distractions, it’s quite possible your productivity level is suffering. This Atlassian infographic demonstrates where your time may be going.

This statistic is quite staggering: The average person checks their email 36 times in an hour. Then, after an email has come in that warrants attention, it takes around 16 minutes to refocus. This constant flow of email-checking is shown to lower a person’s IQ level by 10 points. It’s the equivalent of missing an entire night of sleep.

Here’s another statistic that jumped out at us: 91 percent of people admit that they daydream during meetings, and 39 percent of them have actually fallen asleep. The redundant, wasted time spent in meetings costs the U.S. a whopping $37 billion a year.

Check out the infographic below for more insights on how much time you may be wasting at work.

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(Photo credit: Atlassian)

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