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The Waze App Seeks to Simplify ETAs for Work and Meetings


The Waze app is a social GPS tool that aims to streamline communication between you and your friends and colleagues by enabling you to see ETAs in real time. Could this tool kill the “I’m running late” text message or phone call for good?

One of Waze’s brand-new features lets users send their friends a link with a live map of your route and current location. If you’ve planned to meet colleagues at, say, a local restaurant, they can see exactly how far away you are. After your meeting, you can “go invisible” so your location is obscured.

“It’s only natural to be better informed about the location and timing of those you are about to meet or pick up, and be able to share the same info back with them,” says Yael Elish, the vice president of product and marketing and Waze, to Mashable. “With this version, Waze takes drivers out of the dark, re-imagining everyday driving as a much smoother experience.”

Check out a video of Waze’s features below. Would you ever use a tool like this with your coworkers or friends?

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