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Sperm Donors and Sugar Daddies: The New College Fund


When I was in college, it wasn't uncommon to find me looking for clever ways to earn a quick buck. Many of my friends suggested plasma donation, which could have made me up to $200 richer, but I was too prissy for such things. This generation of college students might not be so squeamish. When it comes to paying for college, it could be that today's economy is forcing students and parents to get creative — and a bit personal. 

According to this report from CNNMoney, college students are coming up with radical methods of paying for college, including egg donation and medical testing. Unorthodox? Maybe. But according to the article, recent numbers show only 30 percent of families are confident they will be able to meet their college savings goals. 

Among the most extreme college fundraisers surfacing: 

  • Egg Donation: Healthy female students can earn up to $8,000 for one cycle of egg donation. With up to four donations allowed per year, that could be $32,000 toward your college tuition. Not too shabby, Biology. 
  • Sperm Donation: There is another type of bank emerging, one that charges no interest and is perhaps a bit more fun to visit. Male students could earn up to $1,200 a month for their contribution to the population growth. $14,000 a year could make a significant dent in your student loans. 
  • Medical Testing: This option is not for the faint of heart. Undergoing medical testing for pharmaceutical companies could mean staying in a facility for a few weeks, taking pills of which side effects are not known, and days of being poked, prodded, and bled. If you can stomach needles and chemicals, you could earn $3,000 per study. If you survive, paying for school might seem like a breeze, comparatively. 
  • Sugar Daddies: There now exist certain websites where older, wealthier gentleman can advertise to find a young co-ed to provide companionship, in exchange for a bit of financial support. Some of these sugar daddies even pay monthly tuition costs, sometimes totaling up to $2,000. 

Kids these days, right? Talk about a different kind of work/study. 

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