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Retail Holiday Hiring Snapshot [infographic]

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With unemployment rates still higher than average, it’s good to know that the holiday season means lots of new jobs. Perhaps the best news of all is the fact that 29 percent of retailers are planning on hiring more people this year than they did last year.

Fifty-nine percent of retailers claim that a consistent customer service experience across all touchpoints is their focus this holiday season. And 56 percent say that they will hire seasonal employees this year as a way of meeting the needs of the all-channel shopper.

Employers know that customer service is the key to make or break their business: 39 percent of retailers admit that December will see more seasonal employees than any other time of year. No doubt this is in response to high customer demand and the need to keep them happy. While that’s a good thing, an additional employee isn’t all the retailers are after. They must also provide training to those employees to ensure a positive experience for everyone involved.

Check out the infographic below for more revelations on retail holiday hiring.

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