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Office Fashion, by the Numbers [infographic]


We ladies may not want to admit it, but office fashion is at the forefront of many of our minds. UK fashion blog Very polled its female readers and found that 38 percent of respondents “want to turn heads in the office, but look effortless.” This isn’t because of the men in the office by any means: 20 percent of female U.K. respondents between the ages of 18 and 24 reported that they actually want to impress other women with their style savvy.

Over two-thirds of women — 77 percent, to be exact — said that they feel most comfortable when they’re wearing all-black outfits to work. That said, 71 percent admitted that they try to integrate a season-appropriate color when getting dressed. When it comes to footwear, respondents were more divided: 45 percent opt for heels, while 36 percent stick to flats.

The infographic also shares what women are most likely to wear to work, how long they spend selecting their daily outfits, and some of the major office fashion pitfalls to avoid. See the whole thing below.

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