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Modria Helps Companies Solve Customer Complaints


Modria is a new startup that hopes to help client companies solve disputes and customer complaints with its signature software. It’s co-founded by a pair of former eBay and PayPal employees — Colin Rule and Chittu Nagarajan — and is based on the very system those companies use to handle customer issues.

“The field of conflict resolution has grown rapidly over the last 30 years,” said Rule to Entrepreneur. “Now people all over the world are using mediation and arbitration to resolve their disagreements outside of the courts. We want to take the next step by expanding conflict resolution onto the Internet.”

Rule says that he hopes Modria can help companies see customer issues as opportunities rather than failures or inconveniences. “Modria will be the place consumers and businesses will go to resolve any type of dispute,” he adds.

Do you think the conflict resolution process many companies currently use can be improved with a tool like Modria?

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