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Fly the Happiest Skies [infographic]


When I was a kid, I thought flight attendants had the most glamorous job. All that travel, all that small talk with strangers, plus surely they were allowed to eat any extra slices of cake. (Side note: remember when airlines served cake? Bring that back, guys.) Between the unlimited cake and fancy accessories — scarves and wing pins, oh my — nothing could convince me that airline workers were not completely happy. But, as it turns out, some airlines have happier workers than others (go figure). And, we have to believe that makes a difference in customer service when it comes down to holiday travel crunch time. Wouldn't you rather fly an airline whose employees are well paid and mostly satisfied with their jobs? I would.

Because we at PayScale are data geeks, and also because it's the holiday season which, for many of us, means lots and lots of travel, we decided to consult our data to take a closer look at the airline industry. How happy are airline workers, really? And which airline flies highest above the others, when you consider employee job satisfaction, customer complaints, and many other factors? Our infographic answers these question, plus more.

So when you sit down to book your holiday travel reservations, remember our data. It could mean the difference between smooth travels or a holiday travel horror story.

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Happy travels this holiday season!

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