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Today in Hellish Commutes


How do you get to work every day? Whether you drive your car, ride a bike, take the subway or bus, or even walk, you probably have your share of commuting horror stories. Or, you did until you saw Michael Wolf's photographs of Tokyo commuters. 

Wolf gets flinchingly close to his subjects, which allows him to capture the crush of a typical Tokyo worker's commute. As you click through his photographs, you are likely to feel claustrophobic yourself. You might even need to step outside for a minute, take a few deep breaths, and feel thankful for all the space that up until this moment, you may have been taking for granted. 

Why is Tokyo such a nightmare for commuters? According to the latest issue of Demographia World Urban Areas, Tokyo's population has spiked to more than 37 million people. The thrum and crush of the daily commute chronicled in this series is enough to make anyone twitchy. The next time you climb aboard a crowded bus and can't find a seat, remember what many commuters in Tokyo deal with every day. 

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