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What’s the Right Balance of Work and Play for Internet Use? [infographic]


Let’s admit it: All of us have spent at least a little bit of company time surfing the Web for non-work related content. Allotting some time during the work day for these kinds of activities has actually been shown to be a productivity booster. After all, a happy employee is a more productive one. However, as with anything, there is a balance. The following infographic demonstrates how and why employees are likely to spend time online.

Each month, 93 million hours are spent on fantasy football, with another 50 million hours going to Cyber Monday in 2011. Olympics coverage came in second place as far as wasted time went, with 69 million wasted hours. Workers in Britain took it to the next level, though: participants admitted that they actually spend twice as much time on social network sites at work as they do at home. Even gender plays a role in productivity, with men being 7 percent more likely to waste time online than their female counterparts.

So why do employees waste time online? Thirty-five percent said they aren’t challenged enough. Thirty-four percent blamed long hours, while 23 percent blamed boredom. Eighteen percent even cited low pay as a reason for their lack of productivity and/or motivation.

Check out the infographic below for more insights on finding the productivity sweet spot.

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