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5 Pressing Management Concerns Right Now


What’s the boss thinking about these days? Harvard Business Review did a quick, informal survey of their readership, and found a few key goals on most managers’ minds.

1. Make better decisions. One response: “I’d like to see leaders in an organization have the executive courage to make decisions and truly own the consequences (good, bad, or neutral.)”

2. Create better habits. Make new, good habits in the corporate culture.

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3. Be more creative. Figure out how to create organizations that are capable of creative thought.

4. Take the long view. Get stakeholders to have a better perspective on long-term strategy in order to develop new opportunities.

5. Keep an eye on today while looking forward to tomorrow. Don’t let the day-to-day business slide while planning for the future.

As blogger Andrea Ovans points out, the list is evolving constantly as readers send in their responses, but what’s most interesting is to see the larger themes behind their concerns — not just staying ahead and attracting top talent, but “finding balance — between the tactical and the strategic, the long and the short term, the personal and the professional.”

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