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Why the Digital You Matters [infographic]


Today’s world revolves around online identities, social networks and search engine data. This infographic by Qnary outlines why the “digital you” matters in nearly every aspect of your life.

We know that most recruiters and interviewers will proactively enter job candidates’ names into search engines; an astounding 86 percent of recruiters will also check their social media profiles. When you compare that to the six seconds spent looking at the average resume, it’s easy to understand why experts recommend that all workers, even those who aren’t looking for another job, keep their social media profiles updated and regularly audit security settings on sites like Facebook.

A digital presence doesn’t just matter for adult professionals, however: 82 percent of children have some form of an online presence before their second birthday. And 70 percent of colleges report that students’ Facebook profiles are a “priority” in the admissions process.

Check out more statistics on why the digital you matters below.

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