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Social Media and Work Distractions [infographic]


Social media and work distractions have a closer connection than you might imagine. This infographic by Red E App explores some of the many ways Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are preventing you from getting work done.

Distraction is a major productivity killer. Today’s employees are interrupted every 10.5 minutes, on average, and it takes them about 23 minutes to get back to work. Nearly 30 percent of a worker’s day — 28 percent, to be exact — is spent on either interruptions or recovery time from those interruptions. Workplace interruptions add up to about $650 billion annually due to lost productivity.

Social media comprises a lot of that time. Reading email alone sucks up 28 percent of the average workday; employees send and receive an average of 112 emails daily. Facebook is another time-waster: its average user spends about 405 minutes on the site each month, compared to Twitter users’ on-site average of 89 minutes per month.

The most troubling fact from this infographic? It takes a full five days for our natural variable heart rates to return after unplugging from email. Check out more sobering social media statistics below.

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