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Smartphones Add HOW Many Hours to the Average Workday?


You might think that smartphones boost productivity and would therefore whittle down the time we spend at work, but according to a new study by Pixmania, a U.K.-based tech retailer, these gadgets actually extend our workday. Pixmania‘s survey revealed that smartphones actually add two hours to our day — and that’s after a standard nine- to 10-hour shift.

“The advent of smartphones has had a massive benefit for people all over the U.K.,” said Ghadi Hobeika, the marketing director of, to Mashable. “However, there are drawbacks. Smartphones mean that people literally cannot get away from work.”

Survey respondents indicated that they felt that they were always “on call” due to their gadgets. Indeed, almost two-thirds of them said that they regularly begin their work correspondence upon waking up and end it before they go to sleep, increasing the time span that they dealt with work-related issues from 6 a.m. to midnight.

Are you guilty of handling work-related messages on your smartphone outside business hours?

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