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Sheryl Sandberg Gives Women 3 Good Reasons to Go Into Tech


The technology sector is notoriously dude-heavy, and becoming more so. According to a report, just 24 percent of tech jobs are held by women — and that’s down from 26 percent in 2001. Sheryl Sandberg, the chief operating officer of Facebook, would like to change that. In a recent post on Quora, she gave three reasons why women should pursue careers in tech.

1. Tech careers offer more flexibility. For women — or, for that matter, men — who seek work/life balance, there’s no better spot to be. Says Sandberg:

“The flexibility offered in our industry is unlike anything I have seen in any other industry. In many tech companies, it is commonly accepted that people can work on their own schedules and often work from any location. This makes a big difference when trying to have a career and a family.”

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2. It actually is a meritocracy. Many companies claim to be one, but in tech, where everything is tied to results and numbers, it’s much easier to achieve that ideal.

3. Women underestimate their abilities — and shouldn’t. Sandberg reminds us that stereotype threat (where people are aware of a stereotype, and then act in accordance with it) is a real problem for women in technology. The answer?

“If women believe they can succeed in tech, they will,” Sandberg writes. “And so many amazing technical leaders already do.”

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