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Management Lessons From the Valve Employee Handbook


In April, the Valve employee handbook leaked online, sparking a brief frenzy as cult fans of the brand tried to decode its success. OnlineMBA took a different route, creating a helpful, information-packed explainer video with some of the key takeaways and management lessons from the handbook.

For starters, Valve doesn’t have any managers. Its flat organizational structure focuses on employees’ strengths. But what if a group is working together on a project? Valve notes that teams naturally form a temporary internal structure to suit their collective needs; accordingly, the company doesn’t assign project managers.

Another point of distinction Valve makes is in hiring, which the company considers its most important choice. A bad hire wastes training resources and can even bring down the team’s morale and productivity. The Valve handbook even reads, “Hiring well is the most important thing in the universe. Nothing else comes close.”

Check out the two-minute video below for more revelations.

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(Video credit: OnlineMBA)

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