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The LinkedIn Talent Brand Index Aids Corporate Recruiting Efforts


Yesterday, LinkedIn revealed several products to catalyze growth, including the Talent Brand Index, which Forbes contributor Josh Bersin says has made the social network “an indispensable platform for corporate recruiting.” How can LinkedIn’s new tools change how your company hires?

The Talent Brand Index is an algorithm that measures your company’s reach into LinkedIn’s pool of 175 million users. You’ll be able to gauge candidates’ interest in your brand versus that of your competitor and even drill down by job role and location. This knowledge can help you tailor your marketing as needed to attract well-qualified candidates.

Adding a little incentive to the Talent Brand Index data is LinkedIn’s list of the most in-demand employers. Predictably, Google, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook made the top four slots. Household brands like PepsiCo, Unilever, GE and Coca-Cola also made it into the top 10.

The LinkedIn Talent Brand Index will help HR executives determine how best to spend money on websites, headhunters, referral programs, recruiters and advertising. Do you think has the capability to revolutionize how you recruit?

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