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Halloween Special: Life’s Pretty Sweet at Hershey’s

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Imagine drinking in the scent of sweet milk chocolate and roasting peanuts for hours on end, all while earning a living. Sound too delicious to be true? We're talking about life as an employee of The Hershey Company, the makers of some of your favorite Halloween trick-or-tweet treats.

Founded in rural Lancaster, Pennsylvania in 1894 by pioneer Milton Hershey, The Hershey Company created one of the first mass-produced candy bars, making it possible for people from all walks of life to enjoy some sugary goodness. These days, the company sends its bars, gum and candies around the world, grossing over $4 billion last year and employing about 13,700 people. What is it like to work in the land of yum-yum-yum?

While we couldn't make it to the factory for a tour, we can tell you what we know about The Hershey Company as an employer. According to the data we've collected, mostly from sales managers, industrial engineers and retail salespeople, Hershey employees:

– are paid well, about 14 percent above the typical market rate for their position.

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– report being "extremely satisfied" with their work, on the whole. 

– put in some serious effort, since the majority reporting feeling "highly stressed" at work.

What do you know about Hershey as an employer? Even better, what is your favorite Hershey Halloween treat? Leave a comment below or write a review on our The Hershey Company page.

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