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The Best-Paying Jobs of the Future (Are Mostly Medical Jobs)


The holy grail for folks who are changing careers is a gig that pays well and is in demand. After all, there’s no point in going through the time and expense of retraining if no one is interested in hiring you after you finish the transition. Increasingly, it seems like our best bet is jobs in the medical field.

24/7 Wall Street recently compiled a list of the ten best-paying jobs of the future. To identify these, they looked to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ National Employment Matrix for jobs that were projected to grow the most in the next decade, and that paid at least double the national average salary of $34,450.

Of the ten listed, eight were medical jobs. Here are the three that are growing the most:

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1. Biomedical Engineers: Design and maintain biomedical equipment ranging from artificial organs to X-ray machines. Median salary: $81,540.

2. Diagnostic Medical Sonographers: Perform ultrasounds and analyze results. Median salary: $64,380.

3. Physical Therapists: Help patients regain function and minimize pain by performing a variety of treatments and exercises. Median salary: $76,310.

Why the sudden increase in medical jobs? The article’s authors, Alexander E. M. Hess and Michael B. Sauter, say that we have the baby boomers to thank: “Last year, the first baby boomers turned 65 As this generation gets older, increasing medical needs will require more health care professionals.”

You can see a full list of jobs, plus the U.S. states with the highest demand for each, here.

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