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StartupLab: Linking Gen Y Entrepreneurs with Mentors


One of the biggest challenges facing today's young worker is underemployment. Simply put, due to the limited job market, many Gen Y workers are working in jobs far beneath their qualifications. To combat this, many members of the Internet Generation have pursued startups, causing a boom in young entrepreneurialship. But who is mentoring these young leaders?

The Young Entrepreneural Council (YEC) recently partnered with Citi to launch #StartupLab, a free mentorship program offered to Gen Y. Through #StartupLab, the YEC hopes to provide young
thinkers access to the wealth of knowledge more experienced leaders have to
offer, via virtual and in-person mentorship. According to the YEC’s website,
the vision is to infuse the current workforce with young leaders who have a
passion for and unique understanding of entrepreneurship, creating more
startups, more new businesses, and more jobs for which tech-savvy and forward-thinking
Gen Y workers are qualified. 

How can Gen Y workers get involved? Simply head to the events page on the YEC's Facebook and choose an event. Perhaps you are interested in a Q&A with Lucas Buick of Hipstamatic or Slava Rubin of IndieGoGo. According to the YEC, your questions about
startups, leadership, and moving forward in the current global economy will be
answered by professionals who have been where you are and can share their
lessons learned.

Interested in knowing more? Head over to #StartupLab to see what this program can do for you. And be sure to let us know what you learned and if you found the mentorship helpful. We at PayScale are always interested to see how people are addressing the issue of Gen Y underemployment. 

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