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Hiring and Firing Update: Kodak, Microsoft, Ford and More


The shaky economy has many of us watching the news for the latest headlines on hiring and firing. Read on for the latest round of layoffs and added jobs from the likes of Kodak, Ford, Microsoft and more.

  • Microsoft is ramping up hires in advance of Windows 8, hiring 1,000 workers in China. They’ll work in marketing, research and development, services and sales.
  • Hewlett-Packard is laying off 2,000 additional employees in its latest turnaround effort. Earlier this year, HP announced that it would lay off 27,000 workers — some 8 percent of its workforce.
  • Ford is hiring 1,200 workers to work on the Fusion at its suburban Detroit manufacturing plant. Thus far, the car was made in Mexico.
  • Ford rival GM is also beefing up its staff. The automaker is hiring 10,000 IT workers worldwide, including 500 employees at its all-new IT innovation center in Texas. GM also announced plans to move 90 percent of its IT efforts in-house over the next few years; currently, 90 percent is outsourced.
  • Kodak continues to struggle; it will lay off 1,000 more employees by the end of the year. The job cuts should save the company $330 million.

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