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Is Entrepreneurship the New ‘Safe’ Career?


We’ve all heard the grim statistics about traditional first-year failure rates for small businesses, but in today’s column for Inc., Erik Sherman argues that entrepreneurship can actually be more certain than traditionally “safe” jobs.

Traditionally, public sector jobs and big corporations have been the sources of secure careers. These organizations have downsized staff, scaled back hiring efforts and thrown teams into turmoil. (For proof, Sherman cites the shakeup in Chicago’s public schools.)

The hostile job climate gives additional reason for pause:

Look at the hiring trends. New jobs aren’t increasing at a breakneck pace and the number of people who are disappearing from the unemployment rolls because they’ve given up on finding something has been on the increase. Furthermore, how many companies scale back on benefits and pay over time? What good is it if a large company can retroactively limit your retirement benefits, healthcare coverage, or other important aspect of living?

Do You Know What You're Worth?

As the idea of job security fades into the ether, entrepreneurship might actually be the least risky option. Solopreneurs, freelancers and small business owners: have you ever regretted your career choice?

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