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Could You Live a Year Without a Computer, Laptop or Phone?


Technology is closely intertwined with modern business, but Benjamin Robbins, the co-founder of enterprise mobility consulting firm Palador, is halfway through a yearlong experiment in which he’s ditched his computer, laptop and smartphone. Say what?

Robbins has just one piece of tech: a Galaxy Note. Its 5.3-inch screen bridges a phone and full-sized tablet beautifully, and he’s able to plug in a monitor, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse and tablet stand when he needs a more traditional experience. His app arsenal includes Android 4.0, Dolphin, QuickOffice, HootSuite, Box, Skype, MindJet and DroidDia.

What are some of the immediate benefits Robbins has observed? For starters, speed. “You can take care of things on the go, right away,” he said. “I don’t have to wait to get clients things or to communicate to people.” He also prefers videoconferencing with clients using Skype on the Galaxy Note as opposed to a PC.

Despite these benefits, going without a computer or laptop does have its drawbacks. Robbins has had to wipe his Galaxy Note several times; in particular, he says that the upgrade to Android 4.0 platform “totally screwed up my device.” He compares the work process to “working on an older laptop” in that it’s technically functional but lacks the resolution of a full-fledged PC.

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