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4 Essential Negotiating Tips

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Solid negotiating skills can mean the difference between agreeing to a mediocre proposal with your head hung low and working out a fair deal. Stuart Diamond, a negotiation expert and the author of “Getting More: How You Can Negotiate to Succeed in Work and Life,” offered up four of his best negotiating tips to CBS News. I’ve paraphrased them below.

  1. Think collaboration, not competition. Focus on meeting your goals rather than “winning” during the negotiation process. “If you think of it as ‘winning,'” said Diamond, “you will think about beating them. And if you do that, you will not collaborate as much.”
  2. Give and take. Ask how you can help the people with whom you’re negotiating. This sends a clear message that you’re willing to meet their needs, which in turn makes them more receptive to yours.
  3. Clarify misconceptions. “Anytime you have a conflict with someone, ask what the parties are perceiving, whether there is a mismatch and, if so, why,” explains Diamond. “Also, knowing their perceptions gives you a better starting point for persuasion, because you understand the pictures in their heads.”
  4. Avoid diva behavior. Walking out, issuing ultimatums and making threats do no one any favors. At best, you’ll waste time and resources. At worst, you’ll lose the opportunity to negotiate at all.

What negotiation tips would you add to Stuart Diamond’s above?

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