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Your Personal Salary Report Is Now Easier to Understand


By Adam Phillabaum, @adamb0mb

The Personal Salary Report is one of the coolest things we offer. There is an amazing amount of technology going on behind-the-scenes, and those workings are upgraded and improved on a regular basis. The way our salary reporting engine works is really interesting and, hopefully, will get it's own blog post in the future.

For the last few years, the look and feel of "Your Salary Reports" hasn't been as up-to-date as the technology driving it. Now, we're updating it. First, we're making it easier to understand. Our traditional (old) chart provided great information, but it wasn't as useful as we would have liked. So, we developed a new chart that is easier to understand and is consistent with the design of the charts in the Research Center. 

Old Chart:

Do You Know What You're Worth?


New Chart:

*You may notice that the data is slightly different between these two charts. That's because I'm pulling one from our production data and one from our internal dev data.

As you can see, the new chart looks more like our Research Center. We've also updated the design of all of the Personal Salary Reports to match the new design concepts laid out by the Research Center. 

New Your Salary Reports (formerly "My PayScale") Design:


And here is the new design for the Research Center:


Can you see the resemblence?

From talking to people about how they used the Personal Salary Reports, we learned that a lot of people didn't understand what we had to offer them. We'd hidden some of our most interesting data behind links that were hard to find and understand.

To help with this, we've grabbed some of the most interesting parts of this data and featured it right on your main page. If you like what you see, you can click through and get more details about that data. An example of this would be for GigZig report. In a GigZig report, we look at people like you and use their information to figure out what the most popular future jobs for you are. On your Personal Reports we show you your two most popular future jobs, and then let you click through to see what other jobs are common for people like you to go to next.

Also, we made it a lot easier to leave a review for schools.

If you have any thoughts, we'd love to here 'em.

Adam Phillabaum
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