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Forget Social Media: Tell Your Boss to Focus on These Workplace Time-Wasters [infographic]


Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook are often blamed for drops in office productivity, but according to this infographic, bosses would be better off focusing on more pressing workplace time-wasters. Take water cooler talk, which 14 percent of workers cited as their No. 1 distraction in the office during an Amplitude Research survey, or meetings and computer glitches, which tied for second with 11 percent of respondents apiece.

The research also revealed that formal policies on how employees should spend the workday might not raise productivity as they were no doubt intended. Just 15 percent agreed with the idea that policies somewhat increase their productivity, and 4 percent even thought these formalities actually reduce their productivity.

Meetings are also draining employees’ time: 37 percent indicated that at least half of the time they spent in meetings was useless and a waste of time. Just 8 percent of respondents thought that the meetings they attended were 100 percent productive.

Check out the full infographic below.

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