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7 Everyday Work Habits That Destroy Work Productivity [infographic]


What do multitasking, email programs and uncomfortable office chairs all have in common? They all destroy your work productivity. This Column Five infographic for Marketo outlines seven practices that actually hurt our efficiency rather than help it. What other office habits made the list?

Many of the other items featured in the infographic invite distraction. A cluttered desk, for example, only causes you to think about how much time it will take to organize your desk. Multitasking is also mentioned; it reduces your IQ by a full 10 points. Visual and audible notifications on your computer, tablet and cellphone interrupt your train of thought just enough to get you out of a good mental groove, while open-door policies enable well-meaning coworkers to engage you with trivial chatter.

Check out the full infographic below. Do the taboo practices mentioned hit close to home, or are they free from your personal workflow?

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