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Why the US is the No-Vacation Nation [infographic]


Labor Day weekend might be upon us, but this infographic by Column Five Media for Rasmussen College shows that the U.S. has earned its "no-vacation nation" moniker. In 2011, American workers gave up 226 million vacation days, worth a total of about $34.3 billion. What gives?

The U.S. is far behind other countries when it comes to federally mandated paid vacation day minimums with a whopping zero. The U.K. has the most with 28, followed by France with 25. Even China offers 10 paid vacation days each year.

What would Americans give up for the opportunity to have five additional vacation days? Over half said they'd nix office-sponsored events, while 23 percent volunteered to forgo either their next promotion, their lunch break or 5 percent of their salary. Twenty percent even said they'd give up an hour of sleep each day for this coveted extra workweek off.

Check out the full infographic below. Are you good about taking your vacation days, or do you tend to let them go to waste?

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(Photo credit: Rasmussen College)

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