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Give Your Manager Anonymous Critiques With the ‘Tell Your Boss Anything’ Web App


If you’ve ever wanted to give your supervisor some anonymous feedback, you’ll enjoy the Tell Your Boss Anything web app. This simple tool enables you to send your manager an email without revealing your identity. Even more useful, your manager can respond to your nameless missive.

Before you get ready to give the higher-ups a piece of your mind, know this: Tell Your Boss Anything automatically filters out messages with profanity or any violent phrasing. And the recipient of a message can flag it for being abusive, which could cause the app to reveal your identity.

Managers can also proactively use Tell Your Boss Anything. A feature enables bosses to enter teammates’ email addresses and add a note inviting them to share anonymous feedback. Do you think this tool will enable a healthier work environment, or is anonymity at work a mere myth?

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