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Millennials’ Job Prospects Aren’t So Bad After All [infographic]


Millennials’ job prospects aren’t as bad as you might imagine, according to this infographic by Red Tree Leadership. By 2020, millennials will comprise almost half of the workforce, and that percentage will only rise as boomers retire.

Although millennials are a hard-working and passionate bunch, we’re notoriously different to manage than boomers and Gen-Xers. In a recent survey, 80 percent of Gen Y respondents said that they crave regular feedback from managers. The same percentage thought they deserved more recognition for their contributions than they currently got at work.

The research also revealed that it’s essential that Gen Y workers love what they do. Half of millennials reported that they’d rather be unemployed than work at a job they hate; 90 percent said they think they deserve their dream job. This ambition is admirable, but it has its downsides: Just 25 percent of millennials reported that they were completely satisfied with their current position.

Check out more revelations in the infographic below.

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