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FounderDating Helps Startup Co-Founders Make Connections


If you’re looking for your next startup co-founder, consider FounderDating. The social network enables entrepreneurs to network with each other with the goal of joining forces to launch a business.

Despite its professional focus, FounderDating is different from LinkedIn. “The information we have is different [from LinkedIn],” said Jessica Alter, the co-founder and CEO of FounderDating. “On LinkedIn you can’t tell intent… you have no idea if someone wants to start a company. LinkedIn knows what you used to do and what you do now. We know what you used to do, what you do now and what you want to do next, which is often different from what you used to do or what you do now.”

Prospective users must apply for an invitation to FounderDating and get their credentials vetted. After that, they’ll be able to attend a kick-off — a face-to-face networking event that brings together groups of new members. All approved FounderDating members also get access to professionals in your area and beyond.

FounderDating is currently in more than 15 U.S. cities, with new additions cropping up as demand warrants.

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