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Bring Your Own Mug to Work, Save the Planet [infographic]


Hello, coffee drinkers and other people who require a hot beverage to get through their morning meetings: Did you know that reusing your coffee cup can have a big impact on our environment? Ah, we see by your eye roll that you do. When you see the stats, however, you'll forgive us for harping on the issue. Bringing your own cup from home — or snagging that ancient Comdex mug from the communal stash in the kitchen — is one of the biggest little things you can do to help the planet.

Via the good people at Groovy Green Living, we bring you the amazing infographic, below. Highlights include these facts:

1. 25 billion cups were thrown away in 2011 alone.

2. Every four cups manufactured equals one pound of C02 emissions. That’s four — not 400 or 4000 or 4 million. The average person can use that many paper cups at one lunch meeting. (That last statistic is ours, and totally fabricated.)

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3. If you save one cup a day for 40 years, you personally can save 24 trees. (That one is real.)

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Why Reuse a Cup?
Why Reuse a Cup? via Reusable Bags – Factory Direct Promos

(Photo Credit: Factory Direct Promos)

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