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5 Job Interview Tips for Millennials


The unemployment rate for Generation Y is 50 percent above the national average at about 12 percent, and in this interview for, Regina Starr Ridley offers job interview tips for millennials. Ridley is the publishing director of the Stanford Social Innovation Review; previously, she ran a $150 million, 500-person publishing house. What does she look for in a new hire?

  1. Work ethic. Volunteerism is great, but Ridley warns that civic commitments can look inauthentic on a resume if they are episodic rather than ongoing.
  2. Always write a cover letter. "It's more important than the resume," Ridley said. "I like to see excellent writing with a lack of jargon. I like to see sincerity. I like to see what candidate knows what the job is. A great cover letter melts my heart."
  3. Show off what you've learned. Always be ready to explain to interviewers what you learned from prior job positions. How did you tackle the boring, everyday aspects of your work responsibilities?
  4. Listen and participate. "Not looking me in the eye is a turnoff," added Ridley. "Not having anything to say is a turnoff. I want to feel like the person has heard what I said and then responded back. I want people to hear me because they will take that skill into the workplace."
  5. Channel your inner journalist. Play on your innate curiosity by asking your interviewer great questions. We've compiled some excellent ones here.

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