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3 Numbers That Matter in the Job Search


It’s tempting for all of us to focus on the country’s unemployment rate, but according to Sudy Bharadwaj, the co-founder and CEO of Jackalope jobs, three numbers matter far more in your job search than the jobless numbers. Here’s how jobseekers and employers alike can spin these statistics.

  • Number of measurable accomplishments on a resume: Employers don’t just want to know about your skills and responsibilities. They want to know specifically how you can benefit their business. Bharadwaj recommends listing four measurable accomplishments for every job on your resume, such as how often you completed certain tasks daily or how much new revenue you brought in during your first month or quarter on the job.
  • Number of jobs held: Employers often discount jobseekers for having too many or too few jobs, but it’s all in how you sell your experience. “Young jobseekers can highlight work potential,” writes Bharadwaj, “and job-hoppers can emphasize transferable skills and desire to find work fulfillment instead of a paycheck.”
  • Number of meaningful connections: It doesn’t matter how many LinkedIn connections or Twitter followers you have if they can’t help you network your way into a new opportunity, write you a reference or invite you to a networking event. Bharadwaj notes that successful jobseekers check in with at least one connection a day and build meaningful, mutually beneficial relationships with a handful of especially essential connections.

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