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Working Out During the Workday and Productivity [infographic]


How does working out during the workday influence productivity? This Gist infographic reveals that even brief sweat sessions can boost employees’ work performance and mood.

Researchers at Leeds Metropolitan University in the U.K. studied 200 workers who spent 30 to 60 minutes during their lunch hour doing aerobics, lifting weights, doing yoga or playing pick-up basketball and discovered that 60 percent had better mental performance, time management skills and ability to meet deadlines. Importantly, the employees who exercised also reported feeling more even-tempered and energetic at work.

“After exercise, people adopted a more tolerant attitude to themselves and to their work,” said Leeds professor Jim McKenna, the study’s author. “They were more tolerant of their own shortcomings and to those of others.”

The Gist infographic also includes tips for employees who choose to exercise during the workday. What do you think of working out during your lunch hour?

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