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Want to Bring Your Dog to Work? Here’s How to Convince the Boss


There are tons of good reasons to bring your dog to work. They’re cute, of course. And then, it’s always nice to have someone around that approves of your ideas, no matter what. The problem is that neither of these arguments is likely to persuade your boss to consider implementing a pet-friendly office policy.

Here’s a better reason: People who bring their dogs into the office might have lower stress levels than workers who leave their pooches at home.

A recent study by Virginia Commonwealth University examined 76 employees at a dinnerware manufacturing firm in Greensboro, North Carolina over the course of one week. Eighteen dog owners brought their dogs to work, while 38 dog owners left their pets at home. Nineteen employees didn’t own dogs.

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All participants gave regular saliva samples over the course of each day. Researchers measured the amount of the stress hormone Cortisol in their saliva. At the start of the day, most workers’ stress levels were similar, but by the end of the day, employees who brought their dogs to work were significantly less stressed.

In addition, survey comments indicated that workers felt a more positive perception of their employers, higher levels of job satisfaction, and increased productivity and morale.

“There might be a benefit here,” said VCU business professor Randolph Barker. (And yes, we swear that’s really his name.) “It’s a low cost wellness benefit, and it could be a recruiting opportunity (for businesses).”

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