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Boost Employee Morale With On-the-Job Training [infographic]


It’s natural for employee morale to wax and wane, but to fight consistently low morale, managers should offer their teams on-the-job training. Low morale costs U.S. businesses an estimated $350 billion each year, and this Mindflash infographic illustrates how career education and skill development can help companies boost morale.

Employees prefer on-the-job training to external trainers, manuals or journals, and workshops and seminars. Some 40 percent of employers reported that such training increased workers’ productivity, while 35 percent said it cranked up morale.

On-the-job training isn’t a magic bullet to keep employees happy, but it is one essential piece of the puzzle. Managers must be effective, consistent, accessible and authentic. They must also prioritize motivation, enthusiasm, recognition and optimism when interacting with employees. Office communication channels should be clear and simple, as confusion breeds low morale.

Check out the full Mindflash infographic below to learn more about how on-the-job training can boost employee morale.

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