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The Evolution of the Job Application [infographic]


The humble process of job application has evolved considerably over the last 400 years, and this infographic takes us through the many innovations that have facilitated the job-seeking process.

In the 1800s, for example, workers were primarily born into jobs on the family farm. When the first railroad in the U.S. was completed in 1830, though, workers were able to travel outside their immediate area to earn money. And when Alexander Bell invented the telephone, it became even easier to find and apply for work.

Innovation in the way we apply for jobs increased dramatically from then on. In particular, the last 30 years have seen a wave of technologies that enable jobseekers to connect with employers, such as the cellphone, the fax machine, the Internet, social media recruiting, webcam interviews and video resumes.

This timeline offers a compelling look back into the technologies that drive today’s global economy. Check out the full infographic below to take a trip back through history.

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