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PayScale’s G+ Hangout on The Value of Education


How confident are you that the work you've done in school will pay off with the career and lifestyle you want? PayScale gathered experts for a Google+ hangout to share their insights on this topic and help educate current students.

PayScale featured its lead data analyst, Katie Bardaro; recruitment and marketing strategist, Crystal Miller; and middle school guidance counselor, Lindsey Childress. Each panelist answered a series of questions about the value of higher education. The questions included:

1. How do you measure the value of higher education?

2. With many students paying $20,000 or more in tuition per year, when is a college degree worth the investment?

Do You Know What You're Worth?

3. How does choice of major affect college tuition return on investment?

4. Do you think we should encourage the pursuit of trade certifications/programs instead of a bachelor’s degree for some students? Or online colleges vs. traditional brick and mortar institutions?

5. To ensure job security and a healthy income in our economy, is a bachelor’s degree enough?

The experts shared information about majors that pay well (and don’t), job hunting strategies and whether or not a degree beyond a bachelor’s is needed to find job security. Curious to hear all of the  advice from the panel? You can view the full hangout in the video below.

Keep the discussion on the value of education going on Twitter using hashtag #valueofedu.

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