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You’re Better Off Healing People Than Feeding Them [infographic]


If you had to choose to wear a white coat or a white apron to work in the last six years, your bank account would probably have preferred the coat. According to PayScale’s Q2 2012 results from The PayScale Index, wages for jobs in healthcare outgrew wages in every other job category, while earnings in food service have barely risen 1 percent since 2006.

On a quarterly basis, The PayScale Index tracks changes in wages for full-time, private sector employees. And, it specifically covers 19 job categories. See how your job landed in the job category rankings.

By the end of Q2 2012, healthcare, architecture and engineering, and science and biotech jobs had the best earnings growth since 2006. On the other side of the scale, meager growth in wages for food service and retail workers may be common knowledge, especially in an era when people are pinching pennies, but legal jobs filled in the last spot at the bottom of the rankings which was, perhaps, more unexpected.

Check out the full results of The PayScale Index Q2 2012 and see how your type of job compares.

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