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Broke Argentine City Holds Raffle to Determine Which Employees Get Paid First


We may be complaining about cash-strapped areas stateside, but the Argentine town of Bialet Masse definitely takes the cake. Mayor Gustavo Pueyo announced a raffle to determine which of the town’s 92 workers will get paid first. Really?

“We will draw lots to decide the [order] of payment,” said Pueyo in a radio broadcast. Pueyo acknowledged that national mayoral authorities approved his decision to hold a raffle; on Friday’s first lot, 23 employees were lucky enough to be the first paid. The next drawing is on Monday.

Like most of the world, Bialet Masse has been hit hard by the recession. Pueyo said that its money troubles this time were because the town received less funding from the Cordoba Province government than it typically does. Bialet Masse is 460 miles northwest of Buenos Aires and has a population of 5,000.

Are you surprised that this Argentine town chose to hold raffles to determine employees’ pay dates?

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