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We Came, We Tried, We Won a Few


"A" for effort. "B+" for results. That sounds about right. Our powerful PayScale ping-pong duo, Perry and Mariya, made waves at Geekwire's Summer Bash with their intense playing styles, and for arriving with their personal ping-pong paddles kept in their original cases. The rest of us enjoyed cheering them on and eating from the tasty mac 'n cheese buffet.

Who did win the tournament? Exactly who we thought would win. From the moment pre-tourney warm-ups started, a handful of superstars stood out and those players made it to the top. Early in the tournament, emotions were high. Perry said, “I feel nervous. I wish I could do some more push-ups.” Ever-modest Mariya felt nervous, too, but after she quickly beat her first opponent she said, “I felt a little tentative. Now, I’m having fun.”

Amidst all of the ping-pong games, PayScale had another game going on: to find 10 hidden golden ping-pong balls. The Geekwire team had wedged them underneath ping-pong tables or hid them amidst piles of paddles. Those who found these little golden orbs won prizes from PayScale, like a limited edition Star Wars Xbox 360 and Kobo Touch eReaders.

Did we have fun? Absolutely. As said by Geekwire founder John Cook, “Everywhere you look people are smiling, laughing, meeting new people and having fun.” True that, John. We agree. Thanks to your team for the rockin’ time.

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Mariya ping-pong

(photo credit: TLow)

Perry ping-pong

(photo credit: EDoerr)

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