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Odd Jobs With Surprisingly High Salaries [infographic]


You might think that the high-salary job market is solely comprised of positions like doctor, lawyer, dentist and air traffic controller, but this infographic by PayDayOne shares odd jobs with surprisingly high salaries. These often-overlooked positions have the potential for a pretty serious payday.

Take the humble job of airline repo man, for example. These individuals repossess planes when their owners miss payments, and collect 6 to 10 percent commission on the resale price of all repossessed planes. That means earnings between $10,000 and $900,000 per plane.

Another odd job that pays well is that of an ethical computer hacker. Unlike the hackers who commandeer websites and infect computers with malware, ethical computer hackers work with businesses to identify and patch security weaknesses, glitches and other potentially harmful opportunities in computer systems. For their eagle eyes and super-specialized knowledge, these hackers can command about $120,000 annually.

Check out the full infographic below. Are you surprised by any of the salaries for these unusual jobs?

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(Photo credit: PayDayOne)

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