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How Much Does Obesity Cost Employers? [infographic]


Obesity rates have doubled over the last 30 years, and this infographic by Column Five for Keas explores the ways in which obesity costs employers. These costs include direct ones like preventive health care, treatment services and diagnostic care as well as indirect costs like productivity losses, absenteeism and, most depressingly, the loss of future earnings due to premature death.

What’s the magic total cost of obesity-related issues to U.S. businesses? $73.1 billion in addition to standard medical costs. That’s $16,900 and $15,500 extra per capita for women and men, respectively, who are severely obese. If those numbers don’t alarm you, chew on this: The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates the total annual medical costs of diseases related to obesity at a whopping $147 billion.

The infographic also offers suggestions on how to fight obesity at work, including stress reduction, dietary modifications and exercise. Are you surprised by any of the data shown below?

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