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Many Workplaces Are Now BYOD — Bring Your Own Device


Ain’t no party like a workplace party, because a workplace party is BYOD.

Over 95 percent of employers are allowing some kinds of employee-owned devices in the office, according to the Cisco IBSG Horizons Study. Released last month, this survey of over 600 companies gave hope to employees who would rather work on their own snazzy mobile devices than less sexy corporate-provided models.

On the other hand, the study also shed light on a few difficulties with having workers bring their own computers to work, such as security and privacy, and dealing with a bunch of different mobile platforms in the same workplace. (This is the part where the Mac people and the PC people wrap extension cords around their fists and advance on each other in the parking lot while tech support whistles songs from “West Side Story.”)

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Not surprisingly, given the sample selected for the study, few people complained about the expense of shelling out for work devices out of their own pockets, since most employees at leading IT companies tend to be on the cutting edge of technology in their private lives. However, some employers are moving to a stipend model, where workers would get a set allowance to pay for the mobile devices that they use at work.

Proponents of this plan say that it saves money in the long run, as well as limiting unnecessary expenditures on devices that aren’t needed.

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