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How Much Do Workplace Distractions Cost Businesses? [infographic]


Modern workplaces are riddled with distractions, and according to research by, workplace distractions cost U.S. businesses $10,375 per employee each year. That's more than most American drivers will spend on annual car maintenance and ownership costs. What distractions are to blame for this colossal waste of resources?

We can lay much of the blame on digital alerts and disturbances. Twenty-one percent of productivity losses are due to information overload — that includes the onslaught of email, instant messages, cellphone alerts or phone calls, social media updates and RSS feeds. Another 33 percent of distractions at work are due to difficulty producing or working.

Too much work can also hinder productivity. Employees reported that 25 percent of their workplace distractions were because they didn't have time to think creatively or deeply, while another 10 percent were due to missed deadlines.

Check out the full infographic below. Do the statistics presented match your own experiences at work?

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